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Instill confidence.
Inspire respect.

Quality uniforms can impact your clinic’s bottom line and improve team morale.

The support you need for the results you want.

In the changing healthcare market, a smart uniform program can help you take on your biggest challenges–from improving caregiver recognition to controlling costs.

Improve Caregiver

Color-coded scrub programs are common in healthcare today, and for good reason. Patients and family members prefer using color-coded scrubs to identify caregiver roles. A uniform program helps your patients easily identify caregivers and improve their overall patient experience.

Create a
Professional Image

Patients say they associate a neat, clean appearance with competence and professionalism. Distinguish your teams with customized logo and personalization options. A standardized uniform program can present a professional brand image for your hospital or healthcare system.

Administrative Time

A successful uniform program is simple for employees, easy to manage, and has the tools and resources you need to keep it running smoothly year after year. Our flexible options let you build a program that fits your unique business needs – saving you time and money.

Steady support, around the clock.

Our dedicated Account Representatives have one job: to support you.

Needs Analysis

Your dedicated representative starts the process of getting to know your business with a focused evaluation, designed to identify your requirements and discover the needs you didn’t know you had.

Dedicated Account Management

Drawing on resources from all across our organization, your representative provides all the services, products, and support you need to create the right look for your team.

Long-Term Support

Your representative keeps you in-the-know with automated reports, account spend and inventory analysis, and information about new programs or trends in your industry.

Comfortable. Consistent. Eye-Catching.

Improve your patients’ experience, and your teams’ morale, with uniforms that stand out for all the right reasons.

Research shows that uniforms directly impact patients’ perception of your staff, and easily identified employees, with a clean and uniform look, instill higher levels of patient confidence. Foster a sense of belonging and pride among employees with stylish uniforms, designed to be comfortable and functional. We can help you enhance your image, and improve performance, with right uniform for every member of your team.

Our huge selection of colors, styles, and brands allows your employees to make individual choices, while still matching their team. We carry the brands your employees already know–Dickies, Barco, Cherokee, Grey’s Anatomy–so you’re sure to find the right fit. And our Private Label, built exclusively by Uniform Advantage, offers even more popular colors and styles in a value-based offering.


Simple steps to success.

Getting started is the hardest part. Throughout the process, we offer step-by-step guidance, expert tips, and time-saving suggestions. Launching your uniform program couldn't be easier!

Program Management

Program Management

With three decades of experience planning and implementing uniform programs, our knowledgeable account executives will walk you through each stage of the process to help you choose program options that fit your requirements, while avoiding common pitfalls. We partner with organizations to build uniform programs that are simple for employees, easy to manage, and have the tools and resources you need to keep programs running smoothly.

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Change Management

Change Management

A solid plan for change management is a critical component of any uniform program implementation. As you move through the planning process, we will highlight major project milestones, and give you customizable email and letter templates that make it easy to share updates with your organization. Communicating with staff throughout the process reduces frustration and promotes program adoption. We make it a priority to help you send messages at the right time to keep your project moving in the right direction.

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Uniform Fitting

Uniform Fitting

We've learned that online sizing charts are helpful, but the happiest customers take advantage of our personalized fitting services. Our uniform fitting options are specifically focused on making the process convenient for your teams, optimizing participation, and minimizing disruption to your business. Choose from sample size sets, an onsite fitting event, in-store try-on, or some combination of options that works best for your team. We give your employees the opportunity to "try before you buy" to speed program implementation and help reduce administrative time spent on returns and exchanges.

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Custom Web Portals

Custom Web Portals

Customized online web portals make it easy for employees to shop your program-approved uniform styles and colors anytime. We host private, tailored microsites with tools and functionality designed to streamline program administration and save you time. Your custom site can contain a wide selection of colors and styles, or be restricted to display just your approved uniform assortment.

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Pack-by-Employee Fulfillment

Pack-by-Employee Fulfillment

If you order for multiple employees, departments, locations, or a combination of all three, we group items in your shipment by employee for fast and easy distribution when your shipment arrives. With a 99.7% order accuracy rate and a 98% fill rate, we rarely disappoint our customers. You’ll get the full order you requested, accurately picked, carefully packed and shipped on time.

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Online Account Management

Online Account Management

Our implementation team equips you with secure administrator access to robust, real-time program reporting and tracking capabilities. Evaluate inventory levels, view detailed order histories, approve open invoices, and monitor program performance with these powerful online tools. Our administrator portal gives you the data you need to feel confident your program is running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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Day-to-day and year-over-year:
we’re here for you.

Vertical Integration

We control our supply chain so we can design, produce, and ship what you need, exactly when you need it.

Automated Tools

With automated invoicing and reporting, we give you daily reports about who is buying and how much they’re spending.

Always Improving

Using regular account reviews and top industry insights, we are always improving our products and services.