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Consistent Variety

A compelling oxymoron.

Consistent. Variety.

At the heart of our competitive advantage lies a compelling oxymoron. You can look the same every day but never wear the same thing twice.

Our huge variety of uniform styles makes it possible for every member of your team to find an outfit that they will love while creating a consistent look that will improve your patient experience and enhance your brand image. Other suppliers simply can’t touch our selection and that makes them ‘decidedly unsettled’.


Change Management.

Sending regular progress reports and highlighting key program features will keep stakeholders and employees engaged as your uniform program develops.

A solid plan for change management is a critical component of any uniform program's implementation. As you move through the planning process, we will highlight major project milestones, and give you customized email and letter templates that make it easy to share updates with your organization. Communicating with staff throughout the process reduces frustration and promotes program adoption. We make it a priority to help you send messages at the right time to keep your project moving in the right direction.

1000's of options from top
manufacturers sure to delight your team.

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Available in core colors year after year.

Quality in every detail.

Our primary value proposition lies in providing the highest quality products on the market. Whether we make them ourselves, or source them from the leading brand names, you simply won’t find better products anywhere.


Our Products Fit

There’s nothing worse than spending money on a garment and then realizing it just doesn’t fit. With this in mind, we sampled hundreds of garments from the marketplace and developed patterns and styles that truly fit most people. We provide detailed fit information online to help people make the right choice or we can send fit samples to your location to make the process even easier.


Our Products Are Comfortable

Our soft, easy wear fabrics are breathable and cut to let you move freely all shift long. Style and function are designed into our private collections, giving you everything practical you need in a uniform, without sacrificing comfort.


Our Products Last

Our products are built to last. We test our product for wear. We test them for colorfastness. They don’t make it to you unless we are sure they are ready to go to work. We stand behind our work with a returns program that rivals any in the industry.