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Customer Story: AdventHealth

Uniforms to support system-wide rebranding

AdventHealth + Uniform Advantage

AdventHealth Used Uniforms To Support Rebranding Initiative


As AdventHealth launched an enterprise-wide rebranding initiative, uniforms became a key visual and cornerstone for the new united brand. Leadership recognized an industry trend where having a consistent uniform standard across the organization had an impact on the overall patient experience. A standardized program also supported their brand ideology – we are one care team.

Knowing what they wanted to accomplish, AdventHealth looked for a uniform vendor to design a program that was reflective of their brand and culture.


Uniform Advantage was selected as the exclusive uniform provider for the health system. In order to meet the aggressive launch date for the program, the team identified critical milestones and program decisions and created a uniform task force to keep efforts focused.

  • Guided Steering Committee and Focus Groups through program implementation process, from product selection to execution
  • Implemented customized web portal designed to enhance the employee shopping experience
  • Launched 13-week, multi-state mobile store fitting events in January 2019

 The Result

Our systematic approach to program management helped expedite the system-wide launch.


Over 45,000 Advent Health team members were individually fitted by our highly-trained personal shoppers. Our systematic approach to program management helped expedite the system-wide launch while reducing the administrative burden, time and costs for the enterprise. Program adoption and system-wide change management was supported by UA’s Corporate Solutions Team under the leadership of our EVP, Business Development.

“Having a partner who has experience in this space and who has done this with multiple organizations of different scale is helpful as you’re going through a pretty significant transition…It was great to be able to have Uniform Advantage, as a partner to help us along this journey, to make this a much easier process than we had initially anticipated.” – Olesea Acevedo, Chief Human Resources Officer, AdventHealth