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Flexible. Adaptive. Responsive.

30+ Years of Consistent Growth.

Large enough to have the breadth of resources necessary to support our clientele's diverse needs.

Small enough to be flexible, adaptable and responsive.

6 Important Facts

About Uniform Advantage, A Woman Owned Business


95K Uniform Options We Offer

We offer more choices than any single wholesaler or retailer in the market. Uniform Advantage carries the brands your employees already know - Dickies, Wink, Cherokee, Grey's Anatomy - and our private label collections, built exclusively by Uniform Advantage, offer even more popular colors and styles at an incredible value.


34 Years in Business

Uniform Advantage has represented style, quality and, above all, customer satisfaction for more than 30 years. The brand was launched with a single South Florida store in 1985. Today, the company operates 29 retail locations in key markets across the U.S.; e-commerce and print catalog divisions; plus designs and manufactures its own proprietary healthcare apparel lines.


2000 Employees Worldwide

Uniform Advantage is truly a global organization with employees working in business centers worldwide. We have offices and operations from Asia, to the Caribbean, to the United States, and don't plan on slowing down anytime soon.


8 Near Shore Manufacturing Locations - Fast Transit Time

With eight manufacturing facilities, Uniform Advantage is a global organization with manufacturing operations in the Caribbean and Asia. Today, our largest merchandising operations in the Caribbean and Asia. Today, our largest manufacturing facilities are located near-shore in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, dramatically reducing transit time to our distribution facility, and ultimately our customers.


184K Total Square Feet Distribution Center

Our distribution center is located in Atlanta, GA with over 184,000 square feet of space to house our in-stock inventories of the nation's most popular healthcare uniform brands. Our warehouse leverages an industry leading warehouse management system to provide same-day shipping. pack-by-employee services, with exceptional accuracy and fill rates.


29 Retail Stores

Our retail division operates 29 stores within strategic markets in 9 different states. Our brand stated in South Florida and has grown to include stores from the Atlantic Ocean, to the Great Lakes, to the Pacific Ocean.

Our Mission

We support those who support others.

Focus on what matters

Our customers spend countless hours focused on providing top-notch service. We feel they deserve the same from us - the best value, service and quality.

Powering long workdays

We are committed to designing comfortable uniforms for every member of your team. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for functionality.

Sharing our successes

As an expression of gratitude for our continued business success, we are committed to giving back to charitable organizations and educational programs nationwide.

Lower Costs = Greater Value

Because we are vertically integrated and control everything from design and procurement to manufacturing and distribution, your program benefits from our direct-from-manufacturer pricing.

Vendor Brands

We have long term relationships with our vendors.

Design & Procurement

Our seasoned in-house design team obsesses over every detail, from timeline planning and smart designs to sourcing innovate fabrics that perform.


We own our manufacturing plants 100%, ensuring consistent quality control, ability to scale to demand, and wholesale pricing.


Our embroidery center is located within our distribution center, expediting turnaround on customized orders.


Our US-based distribution center boats a 99.7% accuracy rate, 98% fill rate, and offers pack-by-employee service for groups.

After-sales service

23/7 service and support via char. email, phone and custom web portal. Dedicated program manager, automated billing and reporting.


Uniform Advantage Corporate Solutions is part of the UA Brands family: 30 years of style, quality and customer satisfaction.

Since we opened our first location in 1985, we have relentlessly pursued perfection in everything we do − all to ensure our customers the best-possible experience. Today, we design, manufacture, sell, and ship high quality products to organizations, big and small, across the globe. We partner with national hospital and clinic chains, physician practices, schools, restaurant and hotel chains, luxury spas, global cruise lines and many other service organizations. We offer all the top brands, along with our own exclusive collections that provide quality, style and durability at extra value.

1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

Opened our first store in Lauderhill, FL.

Opened our 6th store and 1st Distribution Center in Decatur, GA.

Opened our 10th store, introduced our 1st Uniform Advantage exclusive line, and dropped our 1st catalog.

Launched the Best Buy brand.

Launched the Happy Scrubs brand.

Launched our 1st website and rebranded all our existing stores as Uniform Advantage.

Opened our 20th store.

Moved Distribution Center to Atlanta and expanded corporate offices in Weston, FL.

Launched the Butter Soft brand.

Introduced new line: Chef Uniforms, and relocated the corporate HQ to Plantation, FL.

Doubled the size of our Distribution Center in Atlanta, GA.

Launched the Uniform Difference brand.

Relocated corporate HQ to downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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