What you wear matters.

Fabric blends with spandex or knit allow for more range of motion, helping reduce body friction and fatigue for more comfort on the longest days.

More Durable
Washing is still the best defense form germs and harmful fluids; after 30 washes our garments out perform other national brands with less fading, puckering, shrinking, wrinkling and piling.

Well sewn garments with reinforced stress points keep caregivers up for any challenge.

Body Temperate
The ability to control ones personal comfort is critical to all-shift comfort; our assortments offer options from different fabric weights and technologies to functional layers like tees and vests.

On-Person Storage
Stowing all your gear is a necessities; we design plenty of options in tops, pants, jackets and vests to suit each caregiver's needs.

The Right Material
Fabric plays a key role in performance, appearance and comfort; our new lightweight synthetics are wrinkle-free with moisture-wicking.

Cut Right
Designs that are both flattering for a professional appearance, but are cut right to allow for maximum movement.