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Benefits of a Uniform Program

A strategic opportunity in a competitive, value-based health care system.


Patient Experience

The patient experience starts the moment a patient walks in the door - their first experience is visual. The right uniform program can unify and align your organization; attract loyal physicians and employees; and improve caregiver identification.


Unify and Align Your Organization

A system-wide uniform program with a single provider, enhances patient- and family-centered care by minimizing personnel identity confusion.

Eliminate inconsistencies across regions and facility types with standardized embroidered logos, uniform quality and selection and pricing.


Brand Perception

Your brand identity is a constant symbol of your integrated care message. A consistent uniform program across multiple facilities and geographies sends a strong message to patients and their families.

They know they can expect the same level of quality and care through your entire health system.

One network. One brand message. One uniform program.

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24/7 Convenience

Your staff saves time with our convenient options: 24/7 tailored web portals, 24/7 online chat, retail stores with guided shopping, telephone/email ordering and mobile fitting events with guided shopping.


Customer Stories

What our customers say

Patient Experience

Olesea Azevedo (AdventHealth) shares how industry trends influenced her organization's decision to move toward a standardized uniform program. The new uniform program supports their connected care delivery system.

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Brand Transition

Olesea Azevedo (AdventHealth) speaks about using uniforms during her organization's transition to a single brand.

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